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In NTFS file system more than one data storage can be associated with single file name. Plus, those storages, called Alternate Data Streams, are virtually invisible because operating system doesn't have a tool which would show you that data. So, for example, if file has 2 bytes in it's default data stream and 2 Mbytes in alternate data stream, operating system would report that file's size is 2 bytes, but the is 2 Mbytes and 2 bytes are used on this volume and will not tell you anything about what those 2 Mbytes are used for. Alternate Data Streams Viewer is a small utility program which allows you to scan your files and see what data they really contain. In addition, it also provides some useful features, such as:

  • Named streams can be saved as separate files;
  • All named streams can be safely deleted from the file, leaving data only in default data stream;
  • Easily find next file with named streams;
  • Shows all data streams for a file;
  • Shows size of all data streams;

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