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Debug Window Debug Window Debug Window

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"Debug Window" is a small utility which allows you to see debug output from the process without debugging it. Plus, "Debug Window" provides additional convenience features, such as:

  • Can be toggled to whether be always on top or not;
  • Has search functionality for easy finding specific line of text;
  • Supports word wrap;
  • Colors of the both window background and text can be changed;
  • Shows ID and name (if available) of the process current output is from. If specified, can automatically update internal list of process names to make newly started processes names to be always available to show.
  • To reduce amount of text in the window and make it more efficient to use, "Debug Window" allows to specify which processes to show or not to show debug output from.
  • All settings can be saved, so next time "Debug Window" starts it will load previously saved settings automatically.

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