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? When I switch CyrKBD keyboard driver into "KOI" mode characters printed on a screen don't look like characters I wanted to print. Sometimes they look like some symbols, sometimes they are Cyrillic characters, but not those that are assigned to the buttons I have pressed.
! Current font doesn't correspond to the chosen encoding. I would like to remind those users who have experienced such a problem: selected font must support encoding with which you are currently working or using which the original text was written. This rule, though, doesn't apply on Latin characters, digits and majority of punctuation signs. For example, if you have chosen "KOI" you must select appropriate font with "KOI-8" support, like "Cyrillic Office KOI-8" or any other, for Cyrillic letters to be displayed properly. This inconvenience can be avoided by using "UNICODE". Since Windows operating system has native support for "UNICODE", choosing this option will cause an automatic loading of the appropriate character set in the font, or another font that has a support for Cyrillic characters if current font has no such support. Therefore we recommend using CP1251 (Windows), KOI-8 and CP866 (DOS) encodings primarily while working with e-mail or when you need to use characters from the font that doesn't have support for "UNICODE".

? I was using "UNICODE" while writing e-mail message, containing Cyrillic symbols, to my friend, but all he got was a text with all characters to be a question mark. Same thing happens when he sends me a message - all text is written with one character - question mark. What can I do to fix this problem and is it possible to restore the content of the original message?
! It's easy to fix this problem. But, unfortunately, it's impossible to restore the content of the original message. The thing is that in order to reach its destination e-mail message has to go through number of different e-mail servers. If any of those servers has no "UNICODE" support message will be corrupted. To avoid this problem you have to use either CP1251 (Windows) or KOI-8 encodings - in this case message will not be corrupted. We do not recommend using CP866 (DOS) encoding because it's obsolete and therefore some symbols may not be displayed properly.

? I'm using CP1251 (Windows) and corresponding fonts to send / receive e-mail messages. But when I'm getting a respond back from the person I've sent a message to this respond message looks strange: sometimes it's a set of symbols, sometimes it's Cyrillic letters but meaninglessly scrambled. What is the problem and is it possible to restore the original message's text?
! In this situation both fixing the problem and restoring original text are easy accomplished tasks. All that needs to be done is setting an appropriate font (see also one of the answers above about fonts and encodings). First of all, it's very helpful to know which encoding has been used to write the original message. But even if you don't know that it's not a big problem. Here is a couple of hints on how to determine possible encoding based on how text looks: 1. If letter case looks the way it should be (upper case letters are where upper case letters should be and lower case letters are where lower case letters should be) it's most likely either CP1251 (Windows) or CP866 (DOS) encodings. Here, if majority of letters look like letters (but with dots, triangles, etc. on top or bottom of the base letter) it's most likely to be CP1251 (Windows). If you can often see symbols in text (like paragraph sign, cent sign, trade mark sign, etc.) it's most likely to be CP866 (DOS); 2. If letter case looks opposite to how it should be (upper case letters are where lower case letters should be and lower case letters are where upper case letters should be) it's most likely KOI-8 encoding. By setting an appropriate font for the selection or for the whole text you will restore the content of the original message. But even if you have chosen a wrong font it will not corrupt the message. Just choose another font.

? I'm using KOI-8 and "Outlook Express" for e-mail communication. So far I have no problems with sending / receiving messages except one inconvenience: every time I get an e-mail message I have to manually change font to the appropriate one, in my case with KOI-8 support, otherwise Cyrillic letters are not displayed correctly. Is there a way to set a default font which will be loaded automatically every time I need to read a message?
! Most of the modern programs allow setting up a default font. How to do this depends on specific program's requirements. In case with "Outlook Express" you need to go to the menu "Tools->Option", click on tab "Read", press the button "Fonts" and set the font you want to be default in "Proportional font" field. Now all messages will be displayed using this font by default.

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