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Checksum Generator Checksum Generator Checksum Generator

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You cannot tell if file was modified just by checking date/time stamp, because it can be modified as well as any other information. "Checksum Generator" uses standard mathematical algorithms to generate so called "checksum", a unique number for every data block. These algorithms make sure that if anything, even 1 bit, changes into data block, the resulting checksum of that block will be different. And, there is no way to reconstruct data block from the resulting number. So, as long as checksum of your file doesn't change you can be absolutely sure that file has not been modified. "Checksum Generator" also provides some additional convenience features, like:

  • Allows to store checksums for directories in separate files;
  • Current checksums can be compared against previously saved;
  • Stored checksums are encrypted for security purposes, so they cannot be modified;
  • Three most popular and reliable algorithms are used to generate checksums;
  • Checksums also can be stored in a text file for manual comparison;

For quick info on how to use "Checksum Generator" please go to "About..." dialog box (see a screenshot).

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