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"CyrKBD" Keyboard Driver for Desktops / Notebooks.

Do you have trouble using Cyrillic letters in e-mail messages? Do you want to customize keyboard layout? Do you need to use multiple languages or encodings simultaneously?

Now you can forget about all restrictions and inconveniences that you had to deal with while working with Cyrillic alphabet.


"CyrKBD" Input Method for Palmtops.

Do you want to use Cyrillic letters on your mobile device that originally doesn't have that capability? Do you want to have an ability to use different languages simultaneously?

"CyrKBD" Input Method makes it possible. Now you can write documents, e-mail messages and do much more with help of "CyrKBD".


"WinBook" Document Manager.

It would be very convenient to have all related documents both small and big organized into the catalog structure within one data file, similar to the file system. Only better because it's easy to transfer, search, reorganize, there is no file system's restrictions on names, etc. And what about security? How about archiving?

"WinBook" provides all that and much more. Plus, it has a rich set of useful features for users who is working with Cyrillic-based languages.


Unerase for NTFS "Unerase for NTFS".

Don't panic if important information got accidently deleted from NTFS volume. Just use "Unerase for NTFS" to restore that data.

"Unerase for NTFS" can recover files directly from the disk regardless of how they were deleted: using command prompt, programmatically, by emtying "Recycle Bin", etc.


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