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"WinBook" Document Manager (see screenshot) allows to create, organize and manage multiple documents within one data file. With "WinBook" you can create catalogs and hierarchy of any kind of documents, for example business letters, reports, brochures, stories, articles, etc. And with all this a single document is not restricted to contain text-only documents: every document can contain different objects, embedded inside, like pictures, archives (like ZIP (see screenshot), RAR files), another documents (like Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel files, even another WinBook documents), etc. In addition to the standard set of document processing functionality provided (tabs, ability to use different fonts, using tables, printing, etc.) WinBook also provides a wide variety of useful features, like:

  • Archiving. Imbedded archiving algorithm eliminates necessity of using separate products (like ZIP, RAR, etc.) if size of the data needs to be reduced;
  • Encrypting. Winbook's encryption functionality allows encrypting data and specifying password in case WinBook document contains confidential data;
  • Three types of case conversion for any portion of the text in either a document or the catalog information: all characters to upper case, all characters to lower case and invert case;
  • Ability to Export/Import the whole or the part of WinBook document from/to another WinBook document or separate data file. Archiving can also be used during this process if file size reduction is desired (for example, if this file is going to be sent as an E-Mail attachment). Also, during this process all data will be automatically encrypted, so it will be impossible to read the content of this file in other than WinBook program even if this file was not encrypted with the password;
  • For users who work with text containing Cyrillic letters WinBook supports the following encodings and allows performing an easy conversion of either a document (fully or partially) or the whole information catalog from/to: CP1251 (Windows), KOI-8, CP866 (DOS), UNICODE;

"WinBook" also supports multi-document interface (MDI) (see screenshot) which allows working with more than one document per each running instance of the program.

Download a demo version of "WinBook" Document Manager for Windows NT/2000/XP

Download a demo version of "WinBook" Document Manager for Windows 95/98/ME

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